Monday, February 15, 2016

Two Paintings a day

Suddenly Spring - 5 x 7 Pastel

Two Paintings a Day

Here is a selection of pastel paintings completed during the last week.  My challenge, to paint two paintings a day, one in pastel and one in oil has been a bit ambitious! I am enjoying the process and learning every day.
All of the above paintings are 5 x 7 done on Uart sanded paper.

Friday, January 29, 2016

 Sea Bottles Oil 5 x 7

Sea Bottles Pastel 5 x7
Pastel is far more successful than the oil... I began with the pastel and my challenge was to match colors when it came to the oil........Much easier to pick a stick out of my vast selection of pastels!
 Clam Cove Pastel 5 x 7
Clam Cove Oil 9 x12
The whole point of taking on this personal challenge by painting two paintings a day was to work quickly and with purpose.  No small brushes, no getting caught up in the minute detail.  Both paintings went very quickly and I love them both.
 The Barns Oil 5 x 7
The Barns Pastel 5 x 7
For the first time in this personal challenge, I can actually say that I like the oil better than the pastel!
 Working Wharf Oil 5 x 7
Working Wharf Pastel 5 x7
This was done from a watercolor reference.  My goal with both pastel and oil is to become more "painterly", more suggestive.  I think I accomplished that in this series.

Lakes Edge

 Lakes Edge Oil 5 x 7
Lakes Edge Pastel 5 x7
Sometimes the problem with any painting is in the editing.  I think, while I like the richness of the color of the pastel, I did a much better job of editing in the underbrush and some of the foliage in the oil.